The following list of links includes sites of musicians, labels and studios. Also included are a few link pages of interest. If you want your page to be published, please send us a mail at <

Otomo Yoshihide The Role of Culture: After the Earthquake and Man-made Disasters in Fukushima
Lecture at Tokyo University of the Arts on April 28, 2011 <

Project Fukushima official Web. <

DOMMUNE FUKUSHIMA: live stream aus einem TV-Radio Station in Kouriyama-city, Fukushima
Seit 08.Mai 2011 hat Otomo seinem Programm "DOMMUNE FUKUSHIMA" mit live musikimprovisations. Es ist noch unregelmäßig, ca. 1mal in Woche geplant. <

Otomo's Tagebuch aug seinem HP. <

home of 2:13 club & 2:13 music London/Berlin/Athen) <

brand new record label for special limited editions
from Zepernick (see the photos!)

the 2:13 Club embassy in Athens

13ATHENS.htm < <

AUSLAND - the forthcoming new venue in
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg <

guitar player Olaf Rupp`s homepage <

record label by Christoph Kurzmann (Vienna) <

record label by Felix Klopotek & Co. (Cologne)   Morty "the marvelous" Feldman
/mfhome.htm < <

fine record label by Mr. Wastell and Mr. Davies
(London) <

record label by Jason Kahn (Zürich)

    (cut records) <

record label by Werner Dafeldecker (Vienna)

Luigi Nono Archive

/alnono/index.htm <   (Venezia) <

record label from New Jersey <

network of performance artists (Berlin) <

Free Music Productions (Berlin) <

record label from Milano < small danish record label with a wide range of sophisticated music) < all about improvised music in Japan < Stangl, Siewert, Hauf, Dieb13, etc. (Vienna) <

small platform for experimental music, performance and video (Berlin) <

London Musicians Collective (incl. London concert calendar) < Alessandro Bosetti's website <

young record label from Minneapolis by Jon
Morgen <

Michael Renkel (guitarist, composer, electronica) <

information about Buenos Aires based improvisors and experimental musicians <

improvised music label from Paris <

ein jährlich stattfindendes Festival zeitgenössischer, improvisierter Musik <

new italian record label of new music

European Free Improvisors Page

ps/efi/ehome.html <   (incl. many musician portraits) <

algen records homepage <

Mark Wastell`s record shop and the-place-to-be in
London <

studio beige and Nicholas Bussmann < Sven-Ake Johansson`s internet home (very nice website!) <

records & more by Ignaz Schick (Berlin) <

Institut für multisensoriale Kunst / Klangkunst im Glaskasten / Klangkunstfest Mitte / Thomas Gerwin (Berlin)