labor sonor is a series of concerts, performances and video organized once a month, curated by Fernanda Farah, Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann and Arthur Rother in a small venue called KuLe in the center of Berlin.

labor sonor has become a meeting point for the vibrant and innovative new music community in Berlin. It is one of the platforms for the echtzeitmusik-scene. echtzeitmusik means the field of ´experimental´ music bordering new music, performance art, electro-acoustic improvisation, or even pop. The members of the echtzeitmusik-scene perform their own music, rather than interpreting the music of other composers or composing for others. These composer-performers work solo or in collective processes, mostly in long term collaborations, but also in ad hoc formations. Characteristic for echtzeitmusik is the sound research of each composer-performer with very individual developments in material and instruments. This focus results often in a certain ´reduction´ either in sound, volume or structure, or in an interest in specific concepts.

There are three sets on one night, each playing or performing for about 20 minutes.
The shows are always on Mondays.

If you want to perform at labor sonor or get some further information, please send an e-mail to:
Please note that we have very limited programming and therefore cannot consider all proposals.

Check out some video-clips > about labor sonor.

Labor Sonor has its own website >

This list (on labor sonor´s old website) contains the names of the people who have performed at labor sonor between 2000–2005.
How to get to laborsonor:
Oranienburger Tor
Oranienburger Strasse

it´s about a seven-minute walk from Hackescher Markt to KuLe

Auguststraße 10
10117 Berlin

the doors open at 20:30
the show starts at 21:00


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